Easy Acne Prevention Treatments

Easy Acne PreventionIf you are suffering from acne, you are not alone. Acne is a usual skin condition that happens when dead skin cells and oil clog the pores of the skin. It commonly occurs on the neck, face, back, shoulders, and chest. Acne may be caused by several things, which include oil production, heredity, and hormones. There are some things, which you can do a fast, natural, and easy acne prevention. Get your diet improved, learn good skin techniques, and try herbal medications.

Practice Good Skin Care

1. Determining the type of acne you have – There are different treatments and prevention methods for acne depending on how severe the condition is. Most acne cases are moderate. However, severe acne that have deep cysts and nodules could cause scarring and swelling. This type of acne needs immediate medical attention. Common types of acne include blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, pimples, and cysts.

2. Quit smoking – Smoking can cause a condition called the “smoker’s acne”, wherein your body does not make an inflammatory response in acne prevention tips as quickly as it would in the normal acne. In addition, smokers are most likely to get moderate acne after adolescence, specifically women between ages 25 to 50.

3. Avoid touching your face – Bacteria and dirt on your hands may clog your pores, making the acne worse if you touch your face consistently. If your skin feels irritated from acne, use a n oil-free and gentle facial wipe in removing the excess dirt and calm your skin.

4. Selecting the right cleanser – You should use a sodium laureth sulfate-free and non-soap cleanser. Sodium laureth sulfate is a foaming agent and detergent, which causes irritation.

5. Regular washing – One of the natural and best acne prevention method is washing your skin once in the morning and evening using your fingertips. Rinse your skin thoroughly with lukewarm after you wash it.

6. Using the right skin care products – Apply an oil-free moisturizer if your skin is itchy or dry. If you want to use an exfoliating product, ask your dermatologists about the best treatment for your skin type.

Improve Your Diet

1. Eating a healthy diet – Avoid meat containing hormones and similar substances, which may throw your hormones out of balance and cause acne. Another of the best method is the acne prevention diet. Eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and fiber. Foods that are rich in vitamin C, E, A, and zinc can help in the reduction of acne severity through the anti-inflammatory properties of these nutrients.

2. Taking zinc – Studies showed that oral therapy of zinc can help in treating and avoiding acne. Zinc is an important trace mineral that has antioxidant properties, helping protect the cells in your body from damage caused by viruses and bacteria.

3. Taking more vitamin A – In accordance to health studies, you have low levels of vitamin A if you have severe acne. As acne prevention vitamins, vitamin A is an anti-inflammatory substance balancing your hormones and helping reduce the production of oil.

4. Getting more vitamin C – This vitamin can improve the rate of acne treatment, doing its part by helping make collagen.

5. Drinking green tea – Green tea is not directly linked with acne prevention, but it contains lots of antioxidants showing anti-aging effects and protecting the skin. This can help your skin look younger and fresher.

Use Herbal Medicines

1. Using tea tree oil – One of the herbal easy acne prevention method is tea tree oil, which is used topically for conditions like wounds, skin lesions, acne, and infections.

2. Using jojoba oil – Apply 5 to 6 drops of this oil on a cotton ball and dab over your acne, helping your skin keep moisturized.

3. Using juniper oil – It is a natural antiseptic astringent, which can be used as a facial toner and cleanser to clear the blocked pores and one of the best acne prevention method along with treatment of eczema and dermatitis.

4. Applying aloe vera gel – Daily application of this gel will treat your acne and reduce inflammation.

5. Using sea salt – Look for a sea salt cream or lotion with less than one percent sodium chloride. Apply it 6x per day for 5 minutes each time. It has an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and protective properties against the harmful UV radiation.

Seeking professional care

1. Consider light therapy such as phototherapy and laser

2. Consider hormonal therapy

3. Speaking with a professional

With an effective and easy acne prevention treatment tips, you will surely be able to get rid of your acne and have the confidence of showing your beauty to the world once more.